Compassionate Care of Central New York (CCCNY), Inc. is tucked away in Endicott, New York in a quiet residential area.   Once you go inside you realize it is a safe-haven for those with Traumatic-Brain Injuries (TBI) to not only gather daily but also offer them a sense of belonging. CCCNY is known for their structured-day program where individuals partake in a variety of activities.  The CEO and founder of CCCNY, Cindy Solomita, understands what it’s like to have a loved one with a TBI.  Her daughter has a TBI, which gave her the desire to form Compassionate Care.  CCNY’s Mission Statement is true to what they provide; “Compassionate Care of Central New York, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality assistance and independence for people with a traumatic brain injury.”

In November, BroomeINCLUDES Coordinator, Megan Wise, was invited to CCCNY to meet the staff and participants where she received a very warm welcome from all.  The Day Program offers an “unstructured” Structured Day Program that strives to build relationships amongst participants as well as community inclusion throughout Broome County.  Megan was happy to meet Staff at CCCNY and decided to “give back” to this organization.

After speaking with the Structured Day Program Director, Jeffrey Winner, about their need for a new coffee maker at Compassionate Care.  BroomeINCLUDES was able to purchase the new coffee maker, which was well received by all participants who were very appreciative.  Being able to make a donation that leaves a large impact is just one of the ways BroomeINCLUDES is looking to help out during the holiday season.



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